Obiora Embry

A multi‐talented individual

Obiora Embry is not only an author but also a poet, amateur photographer, born again artist, entrepreneur, food grower, and a developer with a love for what is real and natural. He finds beauty in Nature and knows that we must "wake from our collective slumber" to solve the problems we humans have created. Obiora is a life‐long learner and on his journey he has been educating and healing himself, mentoring and educating others, volunteering, growing food and cooking flavorful, colorful, healthy meals, and so much more.

Author, Writer, & Poet

In recent years, I have been consciously making an effort to reconnect with my inner artist while evolving and transforming like a butterfly...the theme of Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions: Reflections and Thoughts Related to the Struggle for Peace, Sustainability, Equality, and the Search for Humanity. Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions is my first book and my passion can be felt from the first until the last page! In this inaugural publication, I have included poetry, essays, editorials, and various thoughts about spirituality, peace, war, the police, education, love, gardening, and awareness because I believe that "awareness is needed to break out of old patterns."

Born‐again artist

I was raised within a tight‐knit extended family where I learned how to make‐do, think out of the box, the importance of family and Nature. Growing up I was a budding visual artist who enjoyed sketching and drawing so much that I had thought about pursuing a career as an art teacher. In the late 1980s I received a 110 camera as a birthday gift and added a new creative hobby: photography. With my trusty 110 camera, I photographed Nature, friends, family, and family gatherings. However for different reasons I lost my creativity during adolescence...

When I resurrected my inner artist, I mainly brought back my love for photography.


In 2006 I started EConsulting™, an eco‐conscious consulting company. A new partnership has formed and Getting Back to Nature™ is the result of it.


I started programming in the 1990s and turned my hobby into a career in 2006. Most of my work history is on my résumé.